Wildfire Related Legislation in the 2021-2022 Session

  • AB 9 (Wood) - Establishes in the department the Regional Forest and Fire Capacity Program to support regional leadership to build local and regional capacity and develop, prioritize, and implement strategies and projects that create fire adapted communities and landscapes by improving watershed health, forest health, community wildfire preparedness, and fire resilience
  • AB 161 (Budget) contained an additional $500 million in wildfire funding.
  • AB 579 (Flora) Provides that the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection may purchase personal protective equipment from the authority or private entities, based on the department’s needs and assessment of quality and value.
  • AB 642 (Friedman) - Requires the Director of Forestry and Fire Protection to identify areas in the state as moderate and high fire hazard severity zones.
  • SB 63 (Stern) Requires the Director of Forestry and Fire Protection to identify areas of the state as moderate and high fire hazard severity zones and would require a local agency to make this information available for public review and comment, as provided. By expanding the responsibility of a local agency, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.
  • SB 85 (Budget) contained the early action wildfire funding – about $536 million.
  • SB 332 (Dodd) This bill would provide that no person shall be liable for any fire suppression or other costs otherwise recoverable for a prescribed burn if specified conditions are met.
  • SB 396 (Dahle) - Revises an outdated tool storage requirement for crews operating near fire prone vegetation and allow utilities to remove hazard trees located on properties where they would not otherwise have the authority to do so. SB 396 would give employees on the industrial operation better tools to mitigate and fight fire efficiently.
  • SB 450 (Hertzberg) Requires the State Board of Fire Services board to convene a working group to discuss and make recommendations on the most efficient mechanisms and structure to administer the Special District Fire Response Fund.
  • SB 456 (Laird) Requires the Forest Management Task Force, including the Natural Resources Agency and the Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention, on January 1, 2022, to develop a comprehensive implementation strategy to achieve the goals and key actions identified in the action plan, as provided.

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