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SB 921: Transferring a portion of Rt. 174 to Grass Valley

SB 975: AB 5, Timber Industry Professionals Exemption*

SB 989: Modifies areas defined as the Sierra Nevada Region

SB 1020: Tax Rebate: Power Generator Tax Credit*

SB 1121: Privacy: DMV selling personal information, privacy disclosure*

SB 1217: Remove 55 gallon per day water mandate*

SB 1243: Redefining a Pickup Truck*

SB 1265: School Transparency, SexEd Materials*

SCA 7: Public Utilities: CPUC Officials Elected, not Appointed*

SCR 89: Deputy Sheriff Brian "Ish" Ishmael Memorial Highway

*Because of a compressed Legislative Session due to COVID-19, these bills are not moving forward this year.