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SB-96: Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District Fire Department Protection Act of 2021: elections.

SB-207: Photovoltaic Recycling Advisory Group.

SB-208: Sierra Nevada Conservancy: Sierra Nevada Region: subregion: definitions: annual report.

SB-209: State of emergency: termination after 7 days: extension by the Legislature.

SB-217: Comprehensive sexual health education and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention education.

SB-229: Pupil health: mental health staff.

SB-275: Telecommunications: Moore Universal Telephone Service Act.

SB-282: State Water Resources Control Board.

SB-295: District elections.

SB-396: Forestry: electrical transmission or distribution lines: clearances: notice and opportunity to be heard: internal combustion engines: fire toolbox.

SB-405: Telecommunications: Moore Universal Telephone Service Act.

SB-436: Community colleges: nonresident tuition.

SB-463: Water.

SB-495: Carbon Emissions.

SB-550: Employment Exemptions.

SB-592: Protected species: incidental take.

SB-709: Timber Harvest Plans.