Wildfire Update from Senator Brian Dahle

Friends and neighbors,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the surrounding fires in the region. I continue to monitor the fires closely and I’m grateful for the updates from the incident management teams! These updates are from the morning report and fire conditions can change rapidly, so please check with your local law enforcement for the most current status.

LAVA FIRE: 25,000 acres, 71 percent contained and is mostly on “mop-up and patrol.” The United States Forest Service has reduced the recreational closure around the fire, but many of the popular roads and trails around Mt. Shasta are still closed, including Bunny Flat and Panther Meadows outside the City of Mount Shasta.

TENNANT FIRE: 10,600 acres, 57 percent contained. Evacuation orders are lifted and Highway 97 between Weed and Dorris is once again open, though Caltrans recommends caution as crews work near the road.

SALT FIRE: 12,400 acres, 20 percent contained. There’s still a threat to structures on the edges of the fire, and there remains a substantial evacuation zone for threatened neighborhoods. At the community meeting in Lakehead yesterday evening, the incident command team stated they had numerous people working on it and were well staffed. As of last night’s reports, there are no new residential losses, so that number is still at 27 homes.

BECKWOURTH COMPLEX: 1,200 acres, 47 percent contained. The fires are located north of Beckwourth, on Highway 70 in Plumas County. There have been some evacuation warnings/advisories and a brief highway closure. Please click here and here for updates.

JUNIPER FIRE: About 1,000 acres near South Mountain Reservoir, on the west side of Goose Lake in Modoc County. Please click here and here for updates.

Being evacuated and/or losing a home, property, crops, livestock or pets is always devastating. I send my sincere thoughts to all who have been impacted by these fires.

Be safe!

For Shasta and Siskiyou helpful links, please go to this previous update.

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