Water Shortage - Neighborly Help


This year, it was announced that the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District would only receive 18-20% of the water they have received in the past. This has been an absolute disaster for my constituents who rely on this water for their farmland and livestock. Many have been forced to sell their livestock and let their fields die. This past weekend my staff had an opportunity to meet with a constituent who uses water from the Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District Canal. Our constituent Ken, with the help of his community and neighbors, has been able to save a fraction of his orchard. Ken’s friend uses his truck to bring water from his property and fills up 55-gallon drums that slowly let out water for the trees. While it is a shame that my constituents have to do this and cannot rely on the water they have had for decades. It fills me with great pride to know that the people of my district care and look out for one another.