Susanville Townhall Meeting

  • Melyssah Rios, Lassen County District Attorney, offered updates along with Senator Brian Dahle

  • SEIU 1000 President Richard Brown with Senator Brian Dahle at Susanville town hall meeting.

Some 200 residents of the Susanville area joined a town hall meeting Thursday (July 8) at the Lassen County Fairgrounds to discuss the state’s announced plans to close the California Correctional Center.  I strongly oppose this decision.  CCC is the Northern California hub for the state’s inmate firefighting program, which is one of the best rehabilitation programs in the prison system as well as an invaluable asset in protecting all Californians from wildfires.  The loss of jobs in this isolated rural community will also be devastating.
The town hall, organized by Supervisor Gary Bridges, included updates from a number of local officials on their efforts to respond to the proposed closure. I really appreciate SEIU 1000 President Richard Brown for taking the time to come to Susanville to speak about the impacts on employees. 
I’d also thank Melyssah Rios, the Lassen County District Attorney, for the important update on her and 48 fellow DAs' litigation to stop emergency regulations that will allow tens of thousands of prison inmates to see early releases.  
I am committed to doing anything in my power to protect the community and its families.