Senators Dahle and Nielsen Adjourned in Memory of Kathryn Lynch and Gerald Upholt

It is with a heavy heart that I rise to adjourn in memory of Kathy Lynch, who was an advocate with integrity and respect, and loved by many. Tragically, Kathy was taken from us too soon.

Kathy started her lobbying firm, Lynch & Associates, in 1985.  Ms. Lynch's clients included business and trade associations, the nonprofit sector and education interests in California. Prior to entering the world of public policy, Ms. Lynch worked for a New York based Fortune 500 Company where she specialized in labor relations administration.

She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing from Mt. Mercy College, and her Masters of Science degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from Iowa State University. Showing her compassion for others, Kathy would even practice as a coronary care nurse at a local hospital on occasional weekends.

Kathy had an un-wavering commitment to advocating for legislation at the state Capitol, and was involved in many professional and community organizations.  She cared deeply about the work that goes on in this building and was especially passionate being the best advocate for her clients because she believed in the mission and their cause.

It is our hope and prayer that those who worked around Kathy will respect her for her commitment to doing everything she could to help make California a better place.

She will be greatly missed.