Senator Dahle Selects a New Chief of Staff

Since the departure of his Chief of Staff in January, Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) has diligently sought out an individual with the experience, respect and expertise to lead his Team. It should be of little surprise that he found that person on his own staff. Effective immediately, Senator Dahle has chosen his current Legislative Director, David Orosco, to lead Team Dahle as Chief of Staff.

David has served over 25 years in the Legislature, including eight years as Chief of Staff in the Assembly, Senate and Congress. He started his legislative career as a District Representative, and held various positions, including Communications Director, District Director and, most recently, Legislative Director. Before becoming a legislative staff member, David was the General Manager for his family’s business, and later the Small and International Business Manager at the Sacramento Metro Chamber.

“David is an essential component of our team, and has my respect and that of his colleagues,” said Dahle. “I have every confidence that he will again excel in this role, and lead the staff by example and with their support.”