Senator Dahle Reacts to the Careless Release of Californians Data – Inexcusable!

In response to news reports that a California Department of Justice dashboard from Attorney General Rob Bonta's Office released the personal information of individuals who have a permit to carry a gun in California, Senator Brian Dahle issued the following statement:

"The majority of women who apply for gun-carrying permits do so because they fear for their lives and safety. Consequently, those women will now have to worry that the person they least wanted to see again may have just been given their address by this careless act of bureaucratic idiocy. The Attorney General is the state's foremost lawyer and law enforcement official, safeguarding and serving the people and interests of California. It is the responsibility of the Attorney General's Office to protect Californians. Private health information, home addresses, and all other personal information should be kept confidential. The release of this information is inexcusable. It is yet another manifestation of years of dysfunctional government control. Again, I am appalled by this extremely careless act affecting thousands of law-abiding citizens."