Senator Dahle Comments on May Revise Proposal

Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) reacted to today’s release of the May Revise budget proposal.

“Undoubtedly, we are in lean times with a ballooning deficit. The governor affirmed California’s deficit is due to our state’s progressive tax structure, yet he supports the arduous policies that place a greater fiscal burden on Californians. Additionally, he failed to mention the exodus from our state by hundreds of thousands of Californians who are fed up with the high taxes and outrageous cost of living. Californians want real solutions and as legislators it’s our job to make sure we’re serving our state’s residents well. Earlier this year, my colleagues and I released a plan to fight crime, reduce homelessness, and protect communities from wildfires and droughts.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing cuts in these critical areas due to a lack of real accountability. The governor fixated on accountability during his speech; I find that ironic considering his lack of transparency with the Legislature and public. At a time when Californians aren’t feeling confident about our state’s economy, we must be doing everything we can to ensure Californians’ buying power goes farther.”