Senator Dahle: California Must Focus on Supply Chain Crisis

In response to the Senate Select Committee on Ports and Movement hearing Wednesday, November 3, Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) issued the following statement:

“The current port crisis will take time to resolve, but with the holiday season fast approaching, we need to focus our efforts on it more intensely. I’m calling for a single, lead point of contact to keep all stakeholders on track and bring all parties to the table for new ideas and solutions. Secondly, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the local air districts haven’t stopped, delayed, or paused their regulations that are in direct conflict with the reality of resolving our port crisis. These regulations are failing to recognize the gravity of this situation and the reality that the supply chain is fully interrupted. Without the necessary materials, goods, and infrastructure it is impossible for California companies to meet the fast approaching deadlines. Without CARB publicly stating their cooperation, I am certain that we will see excessive fines and penalties on all companies and ports involved in this current goods movement crises. Lastly, we need to ensure the safety of our truckers, dock workers, ship crews, and everyone else who are working tirelessly to tackle the Mount Everest of containers awaiting them on the more than 70 ships currently parked offshore to unload products for all Americans.”

A video of the Senator’s comments in Committee is linked HERE.