Sen. Brian Dahle Pushes for Public School Transparency

Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) presented his education measure to the California State Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, legislation that would bring transparency to school curriculum on sexual health.

SB 217 will require the curriculum on sexual health in public schools be made available online, adding transparency to school instruction.

Over the past year, parents were plunged into a much more active role in their children’s education and online resources became invaluable to filling-in any gaps created by distance learning.

SB 217 simply requires that schools’ sexual education materials be posted online for parents to review them,” said Senator Brian Dahle.

Encouraging transparency should not be partisan, especially when the education of California’s students are involved. Current law already requires that materials be made available for review by parents and a notice sent to families. SB 217 simply requires that an online format be made available, as many schools have prohibited in-person access to the school campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shift to internet-based distance learning has provided an opportunity for schools to get parents more engaged in their child’s education, and this bill helps further that goal,” Dahle continued.

SB 217 was moved to the Committee’s Suspense File, because of possible unknown costs to schools; and the bill will be debated at a later hearing.