Sen. Brian Dahle Pushes Legislators to Live by Their Own Laws

Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) urged the California State Senate Committee on Judiciary to pass legislation that would subject the Legislature to the same regulations and laws the business community is subject to under their rule.

The Legislature has passed thousands of laws that dictate employee working conditions, and imposes hundreds of regulations each year on businesses in California, including overtime, meal and rest periods, and other protections. Legislative staff do not receive those benefits, and are in fact “at will” employees.

SB 550 will provide protections for legislative employees that are required of private businesses throughout California.

“Every elected official should become more familiar with the laws they are passing onto Californians by applying them to their own employees,” said Senator Brian Dahle.

If the Legislature expects California businesses to abide by laws and regulations they set forth, then the same should be expected of the Legislature.

“Making this change is the right thing to do, and ends the double-standard,” Dahle continued.

SB 550 unanimously passed the Labor Committee last week, and received a similar vote on Tuesday in the Senate Committee on Judiciary.