Sen. Brian Dahle Provides Tools to Parents for their School Children

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Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) appealed to the California State Senate Committee on Education to pass legislation that would bring transparency to school curriculum on sexual health.

As one of the most sensitive subjects taught in our schools, parents are intensely interested in what and when the topic of sexual health is presented to their children.

Senate Bill 217 will simply add transparency to school instruction by requiring the school’s curriculum on this subject be made available online.

Over the past year, parents were plunged into a much more active role in their children’s education and online resources became invaluable to filling-in any gaps created by distance learning.

“The education of our students can only be improved when teachers and parents can work collaboratively, especially on difficult or sensitive subjects,” said Senator Brian Dahle.

Encouraging transparency should not be partisan, especially when the education of California’s students are involved.

“Having these resources available online will provide parents valuable information to follow-up with their children so there’s a better understanding of the material,” Dahle continued.

SB 217 passed the Education Committee on a vote of 4-1, and will now go to the Senate Appropriations Committee for consideration.

SB 229, a measure that would offer up to $500 million in Pupil Mental Health Grants has also passed the Senate Committee on Education, on consent.