Sen. Brian Dahle Proposes Studying the Effects of Forest Fires on Wildlife and Their Habitats

Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) appealed to the California State Senate Committee on Appropriations to pass legislation Monday that would require the Department of Fish and Wildlife to use their time and resources to study the effects of wildfire damage to local wildlife and their habitats.

Wildfires are an unfortunate and devastating reality for California residents. Last year alone we saw over 4 million acres burned and destroyed. One thing that many of us forget is that the devastation and cost is not exclusive to humans. Many animals and vegetation are also subject to the devastating losses of their natural habitats.

Senate Bill 592 proposes that the Department of Fish and Wildlife, in coordination with Cal Fire and the appropriate local representatives, put a portion of their resources towards studying the impact that these catastrophic fires have had on California wildlife and their habitats.

“The genuine goal of this bill is to establish a baseline of information to understand the true impacts of wildfire to our habitat and wildlife,” said Senator Brian Dahle. “Only then can we know the real cost of wildfires, and begin to address a solution that encompasses all affected.”

The hope is that we can use the findings of these studies to better protect and conserve our wildlife and forests going forward.

It is important to understand how these events impact ecosystems, biodiversity, and protected species in the state. Knowing where we went wrong and how we can correct our mistakes in the future may save the lives of many helpless creatures.

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to send SB 592 to suspense for a hearing at a later date.

SB 550 (Dahle), which would subject the Legislature to the same laws and regulations imposed on California businesses, was also heard and placed on suspense. For the policy hearing release and video, go here.

Video of the policy hearing on SB 592 can be found here.