Dahle Beacon 10.29.2021

Dear Neighbors,

This eNewsletter is an opportunity for me and my staff to share some of the happenings at the Capitol and throughout the 1st Senate District. I encourage your input on issues that are important to you.

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Senator Brian Dahle
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1st Senate District Trivia
Which California County was originally going to be named Coloma County?
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Although the Legislative Session is on recess until January, Megan and I are still traveling back-and-forth to Sacramento weekly for meetings, giving us the opportunity to travel through many parts of the District, connecting with constituents, and taking in the beauty of the North State.
State Capitol - Changes Coming
During the Legislature's Interim Session, staff at the Capitol have also been boxing-up their offices for a move one block south. Ironically, the newest portion of the Capitol, its East Annex, is showing its age and will be demolished soon to make way for a new, modern addition that will adorn the historical, original building that was built in the 1800s. During this transition, members' offices and committees will be housed in a newly finished Legislative Office Building on 10th and O Streets in downtown Sacramento. We hope to be settled and ready for the 2nd year of our legislative session starting January 3rd.
In 2021, I was fortunate enough to move several pieces of legislation forward. Three special measures were recently signed into law and will become effective January 1, 2022.
Senate Bill 208 - Sierra Nevada Conservancy
Senate Bill 436 - In-State Tuition for Tahoe Community College
Senate Bill 709 - Timber Harvest Plans

My staff have collected numerous District-related issues for possible introduction in January. We welcome your ideas and feedback to make California better.

This year, 836 bills reached the Governor's Desk out of 2,421 bills introduced. 770 were signed into law and 66 vetoed. One measure that will have far-reaching negative consequences, especially for rural residents, is AB 1346. This new law will ban the sale of gas-powered equipment, including lawnmowers and generators. I strongly spoke and voted against this bill, and provided an overview of my continued opposition here. I raised concerns and voiced support on a variety of proposals in committee and on the Senate Floor, and you can find some of those comments here.
Team Dahle in the District
While the State Senate has been limiting staff from being out in person because of the pandemic, Team Dahle is slowly starting to meet with community groups, attend local meetings, and events.
Water is Life
Team Dahle joined a tour to learn about the impacts of the drought and regulatory constraints on farmers in the Klamath Basin.
Klamath Basin Tour
Welcome to the neighborhood
After successfully growing and contributing to the community at their Orangevale location, Mark and Pearl opened their second Badfish Coffee shop in Fair Oaks. Congratulations!
Badfish Coffee Shop
New Fire Training Tower
Team Dahle was on hand for the ribbon-cutting at the new fire tower unveiling at Sierra College's training center in Grass Valley. Community members, dignitaries and students witnessed the fire demonstration at the only fire-training tower in Nevada County.
Sierra College Fire Tower
Congratulations to the New Police Chief
My staff joined Anderson residents to get to know the city's new police chief, Jon Poletski, at his first "Coffee with the Chief." Anderson strongly supports its local police department, and I appreciate the new chief's commitment to building and maintaining great community relationships.
Anderson Chief of Police
Helping Others
One of the most important functions of a California state legislator is helping their constituents navigate the bureaucracies of our government. Here is one such story -

Henry G. is a constituent of Senate District 1 who found himself lost in the bureaucracy of a state agency that is key to his livelihood. Henry is a contractor, and when it came time to renew his license, he was unable to reach the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) and was anxious about looming deadlines. He had submitted all of the paperwork and completed all of the steps asked of him, but was left in the dark, waiting for confirmation from the CSLB. Henry had grown tired of waiting and grew concerned; he asked our office if we could help him get some straight answers. My staff contacted the CSLB, provided them with Henry's information, and asked for confirmation that Henry had completed all of the necessary steps. Within hours, my office had confirmed that Henry had nothing to fear and that his license would be renewed before expiring.

This is just one small way that we can assist our constituents with state-related issues. My offices are ready to step in where we can! Please give us a call if you think we can help.
County Highlights
Trivia Answer *El Dorado County
The 1st Senate District is made up of 11 counties (all of 9 counties, and 2 partial). In this edition, we feature the wild beauty of El Dorado County.

El Dorado County is located entirely within the Sierra Nevada mountain range and is best known for the 1848 discovery of gold in Coloma, which began the largest gold rush in history. The region offers many attractions for visitors including wineries, ski resorts, rivers and lakes for fishing, and over one million acres of National Forest @eldoradonf. Desolation Wilderness, located just southwest of Lake Tahoe, is one of the most popular wilderness areas in the country. We love El Dorado County for many reasons, but especially because of the wonderful people who call it home, who I am proud to represent in the State Senate.
El Dorado County
Thank You
The North State recently welcomed rain and snow - I pray we continue to receive precipitation throughout the season so California can rebuild our water storage. Here are my recent thoughts on that issue. Unfortunately, with many of the burn scars, this large storm created another danger to residents and our infrastructure in the form of mudslides and localized flooding. Stay safe.

Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween weekend.
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