Dahle Beacon 10.08.2021

Dear Neighbors,

As California seems to be in a perpetual state of fire, figuratively and literally, I am still in awe of California’s beauty and opportunity.

This eNewsletter is an opportunity for me and my staff to share some of the happenings at the Capitol and throughout the 1st Senate District. I encourage your input on future issues that may be important to you.

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Senator Brian Dahle
In This Issue

“No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.” - Mark Twain
In September, the California Legislature concluded their first year of the two-year Session in typical fashion - scrambling to pass bills, and finding ways to spend the state budget surplus that have less to do with what we need, and more about creating new feel-good programs. It’s frustrating to say the least, but I am honored to represent the priorities of North State residents in Sacramento. While back home in Bieber, I feel inspired traveling throughout the District meeting with fellow rural Californians, while also tending to my first love and way of life - farming.

The Legislature returns in January, and although we are adjourned for the year, my offices stay busy in the Capitol and District reviewing legislation, responding to constituent inquiries, and helping our residents navigate the sometimes confusing state bureaucracy.
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Dahle Legislation
As a member of the minority party, sometimes we have to focus our efforts on incremental change to improve the lives of Californians. Some of the legislation I moved forward this year that were signed into law or are on the Governor’s desk include:

Senate Bill 208 - Sierra Nevada Conservancy
Senate Bill 436 - In-State Tuition for Tahoe Community College
Senate Bill 709 - Timber Harvest Plans

My legislative staff is currently looking at District-related measures to introduce in January, and we welcome your feedback.

During the Legislative year, I had the opportunity to comment and vote on hundreds of bills - some good, some not-so-much. In my view, some legislation is so detrimental to my District or Californians that I feel compelled to write the Governor asking that he veto those measures. Here is a list of those veto letters.
Budget and Wildfires
Throughout the year, either on the Senate Floor or in committee, I continued to emphasize the greater need to focus on California’s budget priorities. This year more than ever, focusing on forest management is absolutely necessary given that over 2 million acres of wildland have burned, mostly in the northern portion of California. Smoke billowing from these fires is not only bad for our health, it’s bad for the environment. That’s why I made a conscious effort to include wildfire in our air quality standards with my Senate Bill 495. If smoke from these fires is recognized as a large emitter, maybe the state would actually commit funding to reducing their intensity and expansive damage. I was, however, able to negotiate $30 million for Wildfire Prevention Grants in the District.
After the Fire
As we continue to monitor the devastation of California’s wildfires, I am grateful to see that some individuals in our district are making the journey back home to rebuild. Things may look and feel different, but this is when we get to come together and start anew. Many will not even know where to begin, our office would love to help where we can. My team has put together a list of resources that will help guide you during these difficult times. Whether it be learning how to begin the process of clean up, how to replace vital records, or how to apply for disaster unemployment insurance, you can find the information you need by visiting my website and reading my update, After the Fire.

Please continue to follow the guidance of public safety officials and only return to these areas when you are cleared to do so. The time will come when we can all begin to rebuild and we want to make sure you have the resources to do so.
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Fire Prevention Week - October 3-9
NFPA graphic
National Fire Prevention Week is an opportunity to learn how to protect your loved ones and property. As wildfires continue to plague our state, it’s important to keep your house debris-free to prevent embers from igniting your home in case of a wildfire and ensure you are prepared in the event a wildfire strikes near you. You can also find more resources on prevention here.
Helping Others
One of the most important functions of a California state legislator is helping their constituents navigate the bureaucracies of our government. Here is one such story –

David J. is one of my constituents who’s currently battling cancer. The last thing he should have to worry about in this difficult time are dozens of erroneous toll violation notices that he was receiving each week from FastTrack which were clearly caused by someone else’s car. He received a notice almost every single day over the span of five months! David tried everything: he disputed each of the notices, contacted the DMV, and filed identity theft complaints, and yet the notices just kept coming. Once our office was apprised of the situation, we contacted the Bay Area Metro who confirmed that the license plate of the other vehicle was partially covered by a license plate frame so the express lanes system were misreading the plate and attributing the violations to David. Ultimately, they were able to transfer all notices to the correct driver, dismiss the notices sent to David, and flag his license plate in the system to prevent generating erroneous notices in the future. My office was happy to assist with this case, and is able to help in a variety of other state-related issues. Please feel free to give us a call at any time.
County Highlight
The 1st Senate District is made up of 11 counties (all of 9 counties, and 2 partial). In this edition we feature the wonder of Alpine County, which is the southern-most in the District.

As the least populated county in California with no traffic lights, banks, movie theaters, dentists or supermarkets, Alpine County sits on the southern edge of Senate District 01. Referred to as the Land of Fire and Ice, Alpine County is the 8th smallest county in California with 465,000 acres, 96% of which is publicly owned land. The county thrives on tourism, boasting opportunities for camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, rafting, skiing and other winter snow sports. Come explore the two federal wilderness areas, three national forests and hundreds of miles of trails. Snow lovers come to enjoy Bear Valley Mountain and Kirkwood Mountain Resort. Although the County is still recovering from the Tamarack Fire, Alpine County will still show you the true beauty that lies within Senate District 01.
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Thank You
As we fall into autumn, I hope you and your family cherish the blessings we find living and loving in California.

Stay safe.

     - Brian
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