Dahle Beacon 03.02.2022

Dear Neighbors,

It’s no secret that I’m committed to policies that enhance thriving, healthy, and sustainable communities. As a farmer, I’m an environmentalist by definition, and stewarding our natural resources while bolstering a balanced ecosystem is a high priority for me. The Legislature must have a plan that is both pragmatic and sustainable when it comes to tackling climate challenges. That’s precisely why I continually advocate for protecting lives and forest health through reducing disastrous and devastating wildfires that emit deadly carbon.
If we want to lead the nation, we must begin counting the emissions from wildfires towards our reduction goals. Last year the Legislature voted down my bill that sought to smartly update California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. I did not let this defeat me. I continued to advocate for safe communities. Thankfully, my emphasis on this has created some momentum. CARB has been ordered by the Legislature to begin counting emissions from fires, but I’m hesitant to claim success on this issue just yet. There are not clear action items associated with this to reduce emissions.
Sadly, according to California Air Resources Board, the 2020 wildfires produced more CO2 emissions than every passenger car in California that same year. We talk about electrifying vehicles, but ever-growing forest fires are putting out more carbon than the Legislature thinks it is reducing by a wide margin. We must continue to work towards solutions and common sense outcomes that can mitigate hazardous fires, improve the environment, and keep families safe.
Kind Regards,
Senator Brian Dahle
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1st Senate District Trivia
Which county was home to the only railroad in the West that was never robbed, even though its primary freight was gold?
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Helping our Neighbors
Our staff have become well-versed in the many issues our constituents have had with the California Employment Development Department, especially over the last two years. We were hopeful that EDD would have worked out the bugs and shortcomings in their practices by now, but unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for our constituents like Martin C.

Martin ran a successful small business for many years before the devastating economic crash in the mid-2000s. It was then that he decided to completely change career paths and become a Certified Nursing Assistant, which he has loved and absolutely excels at according to the many accolades and recognition he has received over the years, but he wanted to continue growing in that field. The EDD office offers benefits to those who are working to advance their training and education and Martin wanted to take part in that program. After he enrolled in an intensive training program to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse, he immediately applied for unemployment benefits under the California Training Benefits program. The EDD office was taking months to verify that Martin was eligible for benefits and during that time, his personal finances had depleted and he found himself completely lost. After reaching out to our office for assistance, our staff was able to help Martin get his application processed and shortly after, he received his first payment! Martin can now continue through his training program knowing he has a bit of financial help from EDD.
This is just one small way that we can assist our constituents with state-related issues. My offices are ready to step in where we can! Please give us a call if you think we can help.
Managing Our Forests
Managing our forests better is critical to community safety, watershed health, and our air quality. The state needs to help build the workforce and infrastructure so landowners can manage and protect the forests in California. Otherwise, we will lose millions more acres to catastrophic fires. Recently, I joined Mike Albrecht from Sierra Resource Management and other regional leaders in industry and government on a panel discussing the state's wildfire crisis. This is an important issue to California’s environment and economy.

Wildfire Insurance
The California Department of Insurance has developed new regulations attempting to address the issue of non-renewed insurance in higher risk wildfire areas. They are holding a hearing to review those proposed regulations Wednesday, April 13 at 1:00 pm. The public is invited to comment at the hearing or in writing. More information here.
Legislative Update
February 18th was the deadline to introduce any new bills for the 2022 legislative year. I have 15 measures this legislative session on a variety of issues that I believe are important for Californians and my constituents. Some of the bills are 2-year bills introduced last year and are continuing, while others are new measures altogether. I will be sending out more information on these bills in the upcoming weeks, so be sure to check your email inbox.
Wildfire Insurance
The California Department of Insurance has developed new regulations attempting to address the issue of non-renewed insurance in higher risk wildfire areas. They are holding a hearing to review those proposed regulations Wednesday, April 13 at 1:00 pm. The public is invited to comment at the hearing or in writing. More information here.
Other Resources
  • Have you received a call or text from someone claiming to be a contractor, asking for money for a loved one, or claiming to be from the IRS? It’s likely a scammer trying to get money. 1 in 5 seniors have been the victim of a scam. Learn the warning signs and stay safe! Report attempted fraud at www.ic3.gov.
  • Nevada County is offering micro-business grants. Click here for more information.
  • Are you a Medi-Cal patient experiencing coverage denials? Click here for more information on submitting a Temporary Medical Exemption from Plan Enrollment Form to the California Department of Health Care Services.
County Highlight
*Trivia Answer: Nevada County!
The 1st Senate District is made up of 11 counties (all of 9 counties, and parts of 2). In this edition, we explore the historic significance of Nevada County.
Nevada County
Nevada County is a rural county with a rich history. Located in Northern California, it is comprised of 978 square miles and home to a population of approximately 100,000. Visitors can see the old gold mines and historic markers, and even learn to pan for gold on their own. There are also many recreational opportunities for hiking, golfing, or skiing and snowboarding. Legend says that when the State of Nevada adopted the same name as Nevada County, CA, the county government purchased additional land and shaped the county to resemble a gun pointed at Nevada’s new capitol, Carson City. The town of Rough and Ready once seceded from the union, for three months they were “the world’s smallest nation” before rejoining the union upon realizing they could no longer celebrate the Fourth of July. Visit Nevada County to learn more about their exciting Gold Rush days or utilize the extensive hiking trails.
In closing, 2022 is shaping up to have some challenges - domestically and globally! I will do my best to meet them head-on. Thank you for your support!

     - Brian