Dahle and Republican Colleagues ACT on Homelessness

ACT: Accountability, Compassion, Treatment is a Comprehensive Legislative Package

Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) joined his Senate and Assembly Republican colleagues in introducing the “ACT on Homelessness” legislative package to address the homeless crisis in California.

While Sacramento Democrats and the Governor have thrown $17 billion at the homeless crisis over the past four years, the problem has only gotten worse. To ensure our State starts seeing improved results, the Republican solutions emphasize results by demanding accountability, providing housing and shelter, treating mental health and substance abuse, and including prevention for people at-risk.

“Foster youth, veterans, individuals struggling with a mental health diagnosis, addicts, and domestic violence victims are especially vulnerable to becoming homeless. Our proposals will give vulnerable populations the tools they need to transition away from homelessness,” said Senator Dahle. “Democrats have spent record taxpayer dollars in recent years, but the problem has only become worse.”

The Republican reforms included in the ACT on Homelessness package ensure resources are not wasted on failing programs, assistance is available to those who need it, and treatments are offered for substance abuse and mental health.

“We must be compassionate in our approach,” stated Dahle. “We need to address the mental health and substance abuse problems, first and foremost.”

For more information on the Legislative Republican ACT on Homelessness legislative package, click here.