California’s Public Safety Power Shut-offs

Due to poor planning and politics, California will once again face power shut-offs that threaten the livelihood and lives of its residents. Here’s a few things you can do to help prepare you and your family:
·         Back-up Generator Safety
Views of Senator Dahle
The last time Californians suffered through days and weeks of no power, I made my views very clear. The California Public Utilities Commission and the electric utilities failed to mitigate the fire danger, which forced them to shut-off power to large portions of the state.
Senator Dahle speaks on the Senate Floor about the failure of the California Public Utility District to take measures to avoid public safety power shut-offs (PSPS) that are so disruptive and dangerous to our communities.
Senator Brian Dahle called on Governor Gavin Newsom to issue a proclamation to convene the Legislature to address the current crisis of wildfires, power outages, and homeowner’s insurance cancellations.
Senator Dahle visited a business in his district severely impacted by the loss of power.
Senator Brian Dahle addresses power shut-offs and the need for a moratorium on homeowners insurance policy cancellations (Audio)