California Needs A Strong Safety Net, Not A Mattress

CA Needs A Strong Safety Net

As our state reopens, employers throughout California are having a difficult time hiring because the extended federal and state unemployment benefits make it more enticing than accepting an open position.

The United Chamber Advocacy Alliance recently found that “78% of employers have current job openings and, among those, 78% said they were having difficulty hiring employees. And of that group, 56% said prospective employees would prefer to accept current COVID benefits than accept a job.”

“California and this nation should have a safety net, not a mattress,” said State Senator Brian Dahle (R-Bieber). “I’m happy to see California reinstate the requirement for those who receive unemployment benefits to show they are looking for work.”

Dahle added, “California should be encouraging people to return to the job market. If the economy is truly back open, then let’s make it work.”