2022 Legislation

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SB 207 Allows the Siskiyou County to transfer the road commissioner authority to the Director of Public Works

SB 396 Grants an electric utility the right to remove hazard trees from public or private properties

SB 463 Authorizes a water rights holder to modify, repair or replace a conduit on or beneath their land providing that the modification does not negatively impact other users of the conduit

SB 1072 Classifies human sex trafficking as a violent felony

SB 1082 Prohibits the DMV from selling information from our vehicle registrations or drivers' licenses to marketers, data brokers, aggregators, or any other third parties

SB 1222 Requires that schools post their sexual education curriculum and materials, as required by the California Healthy Youth Act, on the internet

SB 1264 Provides homeowners increased confidence that their property will be insurable if home hardening efforts are performed

SB 1368 Would terminate a State of emergency after 45 days, unless extended by the Legislature

SB 1420 Requires an agency participating in PERS that increases compensation for a represented employee who was previously employed by a different agency to bear the actuarial liability for the action if it results in an increased actuarial liability beyond what would have been reasonably expected

SB 1452 Increases the number of licenses for the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages for El Dorado and Shasta counties

SCR 61 Recognizes September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

SCR 73 Declares the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and the Tevis Cup 100-Mile One Day Trail Ride as the official 100-mile endurance events of the State of California